Financial Stability. Job Security.
Peace of Mind. 

Financial Stability. Job Security.
Peace of Mind. 

VSP Vision Student Loan Repayment Program

Financial stability. Job security. Peace of mind. The VSP Vision™ Student Loan Repayment Program offers real relief for optometry students, recent graduates, and other practicing professionals burdened with student debt. This new program will provide selected ODs up to $200,000 in debt relief if they commit to working in a VSP-owned location or private practice*

The $4 million investment aims to help optometry students and doctors address student debt while further incentivizing staffing in underserved communities.

2024 Program Details:

  • Who is eligible**: Third- and fourth-year optometry students, resident students, recent graduates, and practicing optometrists with student debt are invited to apply for the program. (All applicants who were not selected into the program in 2023 are encouraged to apply again).
  • Funding: The program provides up to $200,000 of debt relief, regardless of scholarships previously awarded. If selected, program funds will be paid directly to a reputable student loan servicer. Funds will not be delivered as cash or checks to the program applicant.
  • Relocation requirements: All applicants must be willing to relocate for up to 4 years to practice in an underserved or high need community. The list of eligible communities across the country has expanded and can be discussed with program recruiters during the selection process.
  • Number of recipients: In 2024, VSP is expanding the program, allowing for 10 additional recipients, bringing the total number of program awardees in 2024 to 20.
  • Selection criteria: Recipients of this program are selected for their dedication to optometry, patient care, and serving communities in need. Recipients will participate in an interview with recruiters during the selection process.
  • Network requirements: This program is available for various practice modalities within VSP network locations including private practice, retail, corporate, medical, and onsite clinics. VSP will do its best to provide candidates with job opportunities based on expressed career preferences.
  • Timing: Applications are accepted until all funds are allocated and are considered on a first-come, first-served basis.

To apply, fill out the form below and submit.  

*Only certain VSP-owned locations or private practices will qualify. 
**Private practice doctor owners are not eligible for student loan repayment. Private practices looking to hire an OD can visit

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