5 Tips to Enhance Your Patient Newsletter

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Sending newsletters to your patients between visits is a very valuable tool to connect and communicate. It can foster stronger relationships, increase loyalty, and lead to quality patient referrals. By including thoughtful and useful content in your newsletters, you can brand your practice as the optical experts in the area.  

By engaging your patients through newsletters, you ensure that: 

  • Your practice stays on the forefront of your patients’ minds 
  • You are actively engaging your patients and reminding them to consider their health 
  • You get the opportunity every month to share health-related best practices and advice 
  • Your patients are educated and have information they can share with friends and family regularly 
  • You are taking advantage of a strategic and effective marketing tool, useful for both existing and new patients 

Let’s take a look at how to use your newsletters as an effective tool:

  1. Keep it real. How well do your patients know you? What makes you more interesting than every other practice out there? Reintroduce your practice staff and doctors by featuring someone, sharing hobbies and interests, or letting patients know how you’re getting involved in your community.
  2. Survey your patients. Everyone appreciates having their opinion heard. Consider getting feedback from your patients about the type of content they are interested in reading.
  3. Educate, educate, educate. Today's patients want to be active and involved in their care. Care adherence can be significantly improved when patients are educated about potential health concerns. In each newsletter, consider including tips for managing problems (e.g. protecting yourself from COVID-19 and listing local testing centers)). Try segmenting your email newsletters to deliver the most relevant information to your patients.

Remember, reaching out and engaging with your patients will ensure every patient feels important. Making patients feel appreciated will go a long way when they share sharing their positive experiences with friends and family.  

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Example of a blue light focused patient newsletter:

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