Tips to Keep your Social Media Lit During the Holidays

Shine online with these tips


The cooler weather is upon us and there’s no turning back now. With so many businesses ramping up their social media for the holiday push, don’t get lost in the shuffle of emails and social posts. Here are a few ideas to light up your social channels! 

Puns are fun – A play on words helps lighten your posts and should make your patients laugh. It’s the one free pass you get to be cheesy, but in an engaging way. Something as simple as “Have yourself a merry little checkup,” is a terrific way to remind patients to schedule their annual exam. 

Winter sports – The soccer cleats and baseball bats are in storage, but the snowboards and skis are starting to gain traction. This is a wonderful time to use social media to help increase your eyewear sales by reminding your patients of the winter sports styles you sell. Also, to continue the story in your practice, tailor your displays for winter and sports to stand out. Also, consider a staff training to discuss the importance of sun protection in the winter. 

Holiday selfie station – If you decorate your practice for the holiday season, why not incorporate a selfie station near your decorations? Encourage your patients to use Facebook or Yelp to check-in to your practice and try on at least five assorted styles and post their favorite to their social media with a fun and practice-specific hashtag. Patient-generated content and posts are fantastic ways to garner word-of-mouth marketing without asking for it.  

Holiday hours – Social media is an effective tool to communicate to your patients if you will be changing your business hours to ‘holiday hours’ or if you will be closed on certain days. Don’t make your patients work to find this information—post it for them. Also, remember to update your website, Yelp page, and Google+ page too. 

Something to think about – Before you know it, January will be here. If you can find any downtime during the next two months, it would be good to set aside that time to get socially organized for 2019. Focus on creating a content calendar. Need help? Listen to our short webinar to get started. 

Remember to log into your Hootsuite account to schedule and plan your posts.

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