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Premier Academy360  Podcasts

On-the-go resources and insights to support your practice now

Premier Academy360  Podcasts

On-the-go resources and insights to support your practice now

Listen in for valuable insights, tools, and resources from your peers and subject matter experts on topics relevant to getting your practices back up and running successfully and safely.

PPP Loan Forgiveness

Join Dr. Bryan Heitmeyer as he shares his experiences regarding the loan forgiveness requirements of the Paycheck Protection Program from the CARES Act. Learn how Dr. Heitmeyer has stayed organized through documentation and following guidelines, brought back his staff, and his advice for others navigating this situation.

Disclaimer: This is not professional, financial, medical or legal advice. Consult with professional association guidelines, state labor resources, financial advisors, and/or an attorney for advice.

PPP Loan Forgiveness Podcast Episode
June 1, 2020

Telemedicine During Reopening

Join Dr. Mary Anne Murphy as she explores the role of telemedicine during reopening. Topics include how doctors use telemedicine to their advantage to keep seeing patients, generate revenue, and use time optimally. This episode will discuss managing appointments virtually, ensuring safety for patients and staff, while also maximizing the time between appointments during safety-mandated cleaning protocols and procedures.

Telemedicine During Reopening Podcast Episode
May 20, 2020

For more information on selecting a telemedicine platform for your practice, view the below:

The Road to Reopening

Join special guest Adam Clarin, OD, in a discussion about his journey to reopen his practice during this unprecedented time, including best practices he has enlisted to keep patients and staff safe. Learn tips and leverage insights to support your practice in reopening. View Dr. Clarin's Reopening video here.

The Road to Reopening Podcast Episode
May 11, 2020

The Consumer Mindset

In this two-part series, hear from experts on how the COVID pandemic has changed consumer mindset and behaviors, and how to best prepare for related impacts as you reopen your practice.  

Join special guests Stephanie Ouyoumjian from H+L Partners and Mary Anne Murphy, OD, VSP Board Member, as they discuss this unprecedented change in the market, the impact it will have on consumer and patient behaviors and expectations, and how to leverage these insights to support your practice in re-opening.  

The Consumer Mindset: Part 1 Podcast Episode
April 28, 2020
The Consumer Mindset: Part 2 Podcast Episode
April 29, 2020