You, INC., Developing Your Personal Brand

A three-part professional development webinar series presented by Premier Academy360.


Your personal brand is how patients and colleagues see you, your staff, and your practice.  It impacts everything and can be leveraged to help you stand out amongst the competition for current and future patients. In this three-part, 30-minute webinar series, You, INC., offered by Premier Academy360™, you will uncover, create, and define their personal brand. What experience do YOU want to create for others that can help drive actions for practice growth?

Uncovering Your Personal Brand and Why Your Brand Matters
Your personal brand is how people perceive you and helps set your practice apart from others. So, who are YOU? Discover your strengths and opportunities to build a strong foundation for a powerful personal brand.
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Create and Define Your Brand

Your brand impacts everything around you – relationships, decision-making, and ultimately, your success. Uncover what your strengths and values are and how you can leverage these to develop a personal brand that helps you stand out amongst the competition.
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Keep Relevant – Have a Growth Mindset

Position yourself for success by continuously learning and reinventing your brand, which elevates your practice with your patients and within the optometric community.
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