Take a Peek at 2021 Social Media Trends

Looking to the future of social media marketing for your practice

While no one could have predicted what 2020 would bring, it made for interesting changes in the way businesses operate and adapt in the face of uncertainty.  We saw new buying behaviors among consumers and a new understanding of what it means to create meaningful experiences online. Let’s take a look at Hootsuite’s findings on the patterns we saw this year, trends that are likely to emerge in 2021, and recommendations on what to implement in your practice to ensure your social media is ready for the new year.

Trend #1: Instagram takes the lead in marketing spend for most companies. 

Instagram (IG) released several new features on their app this year, including Reels, Guides, and a Shop tab, making it an attractive platform for businesses to spend advertising dollars.

Put it in practice: Create an IG business account for your practice if you don’t already have one and post consistently. Whether you post every day or only 1x a week, Instagram favors consistent posting and will boost your content to more of your followers. Since Reels is a new feature, now is a great time to experiment and get ahead of the curve!

Trend #2: Social media will be an effective tool for acquiring new customers.

The special experience of visiting brick-and-mortar stores was tough this year, making it important that your practice keeps patients engaged by reimagining the online customer experience. In 2021, avoid taking a “transactional” approach on social and bring back the discovery and connection feeling that social media is known for.

Put it in practice: Video is a great way to make a connection and the closest thing to replacing in-person experiences. Livestreams, IG Reels, and TikToks are great platforms to create memorable experiences for your patients and long-term growth for your practice. Consider filming helpful how-to videos, such as explaining to how to properly clean your glasses at home, or a live virtual showroom experience.

Trend #3: Boomers are breaking barriers online.

In 2020, we saw baby boomers increase their time spent on social media, digital video, gaming, and online payments. One study found 70% of internet users aged 55-64 have bought something online in the past month, and 37% are planning to do so more frequently.

Put it in practice: If boomers make up a substantial portion of your patients, try targeting your social media advertisements where they spend the most time, such as Facebook and Pinterest. You can also target them by passions and hobbies (e.g. retired boomers who enjoy gardening may appreciate a post explaining eye health safety for outdoor activities). With all this new time spent looking at digital screens, consider talking to them about blue light emissions and provide recommendations for combating digital eye strain, such as Techshield Blue light lenses.

As 2020 comes to an end, one thing is for certain: social media isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Rather than waiting for things to return to “normal,” we recommend setting your practice up for success and long-term growth by staying on top of social trends, experimenting with platforms, and creating content that resonates with your patients. 

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