Tips on Staying Connected Digitally to Patients During COVID-19

How to stay engaged with patients through social media

Are your patients looking for support and ways to stay on top of their vision health during this unprecedented time? Consider using your social media accounts as a reliable resource to help them stay connected and engaged. 

Leverage the following tips to stay engaged with patients digitally:  

· Share status and service updates. Inform your patients about new practice hours, telehealth, or essential and emergency eye care services you are offering. Use the My Marketing Team COVID-19 social media tiles and email banners, available to download here. Social media and email updates make communicating with patients quick and easy. 

· Keep your social media up to date.  Posting frequently on your social media account is always important, but even more so right now. Try sharing an Instagram story or post each day to let your patients know they can rely on your social media page for any important updates. This will not only help build a loyal following but can also assist in reaching potential new patients. 

· Share positive and uplifting content. There are a lot of unknowns right now, so your patients will enjoy seeing uplifting posts about health and wellness tips. Use the self-care My Marketing Team social media tiles found here or in your Hootsuite account, to help your patients stay motivated and healthy during the COVID-19 crisis. 

· Helping in the community. Post Facebook Live or Instagram Live videos sharing how your practice is volunteering and collaborating with other small businesses in the community. Ask your followers for recommendations on how everyone else can support the community too! 

· Highlight a human connection. Share fun screenshots from video conferences and post eye health videos on social media featuring your optometrists. Posting eye health videos on your social media allows you to connect with your patients and followers as well as providing them with helpful tools to take control of their vision health at home. Check out these recent Ask An Eye Doc videos from VSP Vision Care for inspiration. 

· Interact with patients. Connect with your patients via your social posts by asking them questions. You can ask them to share their favorite recipes, a local gym online class recommendation, or the latest movie or show they streamed.