The New Year is the Perfect Time to Educate Uninsured Patients About VSP® Individual Plans

Be sure to update your website ads to keep receiving payments


It is the start of a new year and now is the perfect time to educate uninsured patients about VSP® Individual Plans (IP). These plans provide coverage for the whole family for as little as $13 a month.

As you know, the VSP IP Doctor Program website has been updated and has a new home on the VSP Provider Hub! You’ll now be able to find updated marketing materials in the same location as other VSP resources, so you can more easily share information about VSP Individual Plans with your patients.

If you’re part of the IP Doctor Program, be sure to update your practice’s website ads with a new VSP Vision™ ad as soon as possible to continue to receive advertising payments. Starting December 28, all IP website ads with the old VSP Global™ branding will no longer track referrals which means you won’t receive advertising payments. To continue to receive advertising payments, be sure to update your ads with the new ones on the IP Doctor Program website as soon as possible.

Practices enrolled in the VSP Individual Plans Doctor Program can earn revenue when a patient clicks on your VSP Individual Plan website ad and lands on the application page of*. For each of these interactions, practices participating in the VSP Vision Premier Program at the Platinum or Gold levels earn an $8 ad payment and all other network practices earn $5 ad payments.

Learn more about the VSP Individual Plans Doctor Program here.

*Purchase of a VSP Individual Plan isn’t required to receive the advertising payment. You must be a member of the VSP Individual Plans Doctor Program and have an active IP website banner in place to earn advertising credits.


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