Check your Status to Maintain Your Competitive Edge

The next Premier Edge™ Check-In is December 31, 2024. Don't miss out on benefits to help give you a competitive advantage for long-term success. 

Check your Status to Maintain Your Competitive Edge

The next Premier Edge™ Check-In is December 31, 2024. Don't miss out on benefits to help give you a competitive advantage for long-term success. 

VSP Premier Edge Check-In: What You Need to Know

  • What is check-in?

    On December 31, Premier Edge practices are assessed to determine what program level—Network*, Silver, Gold, or Platinum—each practice has achieved based on requirements over the 12 months prior to the check-in date. Practices have the opportunity to ”level up” at any time throughout the year. “Check-in” simply refers to the end of the current qualifying period for practices to retain their level in Premier Edge. The yearly check-in happens automatically and requires no action on your part.


    These requirements include:

      • Spend targets for purchases of eligible frames and lenses. Targets vary based on Premier Edge level and number of practice locations.
      • Customer conveniences offered by the practice (Gold and Platinum levels only)—retinal imaging capabilities, free fittings and adjustments, and exclusive member offers.


    Your program level aligns to your suite of benefits, with practices at the Platinum level receiving the most benefits. Depending on your check-in results, your level could be moved up or down, with your benefits increased or decreased, as applicable. If you move up a level, you’re eligible to retain those benefits until the next check-in.

    *The three Premier Edge levels are Silver, Gold, and Platinum. “Network” refers to VSP Network practices that are not participating in Premier Edge (but still enjoy the benefits of being a VSP Network Provider).

  • What do I need to do for check-in?

    Check-in happens automatically and requires no action on your part. If you want to find out if you’re on track to meet your targets, here are two options:

      • Log in to your personalized dashboard. Your dashboard will show your current level and progress toward your spend targets. It is updated within the first week of the current month to reflect purchases from the previous month. Keep in mind that check-in takes into account the 12 months prior to the check-in date.*
      • Schedule a complimentary consultation. Our Global Business Development Managers have access to current spend data so they can provide the most accurate picture of your Premier Edge status on any given day.


    NOTE: To make sure you have time to adjust your activity to meet Premier Edge targets, we recommend scheduling your consultation at least 3 weeks prior to the check-in date.


    *The December 31 check-in will include activity from January 1, 2023, to December 31, 2023. Any spend activity shown on your dashboard prior to those months won’t apply to December check-in results.

  • Is check-in the only time my level can change?

    The good news is your practice can “level up” outside of the check-in period once you meet the requirements for that level, based on the prior 12 months. Once you level up, you earn those associated benefits. Your level can go down only after the annual check-in.

Stand Out from the Crowd with the Premier Edge Banner

Practices with the Premier Edge Banner average


Practices at the Platinum or Gold level average


Preparing for Check-In

Check Your Status

Log in to your personalized Provider Hub dashboard to view your Premier Edge level, spend targets, progress, and complete list of benefits.

Log In Now

Stock up to Reach Targets

Short on your lens or frame spend targets? In addition to VSP Optics lens products, eligible HOYA and ZEISS lenses count toward your lens target. Plus, there are more than 30 Marchon and Altair frame brands to choose from to help you reach your frame target.

View Eligible Lenses

View Eyewear

Learn Something New

Take advantage of the no-cost Premier Edge courses offered by Premier Edge Training and Education to learn how to level up and maximize your benefits.

Courses include:
-808Na: Premier Edge Overview
-808Nb: Premier Edge Benefits, Levels, and Targets
-808Nc: Tracking Your Status

Learn More

Why it Pays to Go for Gold—or Platinum! 

Below are just a few of the benefits available when you “level up” in Premier Edge. 



Premier Edge Directory Banner

Practices with a Premier banner on their VSP directory listing average 3X more clicks.1





Marchon/Altair Frame Discounts 

Enjoy exclusive discounts on Marchon/Altair eyewear products. 

Exclusive Partner Savings and Offers 

Access special offers and savings on industry-leading products and services.  

Additional Frame Payment2 

Receive an extra payment when a VSP member selects a Marchon or Altair frame. 


Extra Lens Savings 

Get additional payments from VSP Optics, HOYA, and ZEISS on eligible lenses and enhancements.


Enhanced Marketing Services

Access exclusive marketing content and tools, including enhanced social media support.



Schedule a Complimentary Consultation

While a consultation is not required for check-in, our Global Business Development Managers can provide the most up-to-date picture of your Premier Edge status and will help make sure you’re on track to maximize your benefits. We recommend scheduling your consult at least 3 weeks prior to the Premier Edge check-in date so you’ll have time to make adjustments to meet your targets.

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1 Monthly average January 2022 – December 2022 based on practice data all devices searches.
2 Based on new patient exam claims, January 2022 through December 2022.

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