Industry happenings, networking opportunities, and more!


Industry happenings, networking opportunities, and more!


In our ever-changing—and enormous—industry, there’s nothing like the energy of connecting with your peers in person, whether you’re learning something new or simply sharing practice experiences with those who can relate. Get energized, build connections, and stay up to date on the latest optometric trends and innovations at industry events, or network with peers in your community at the more intimate VSP® regional provider gatherings and workshops. Here’s what is coming up:

Upcoming Events

Peer-to-Peer Networking Events

Based on doctor request, there are now more ways for you to connect with your peers through in-person, virtual, and other community-building opportunities. These events can support you in enhancing connections with your peers by discussing issues that matter and support your long-term growth. As an exclusive opportunity, practices participating in Premier Edge can now attend in-person doctor networking events around the country.These events are designed for you to network, connect, and have valuable peer-to-peer discussions on topics important to the industry today.

Networking with other regional optometrists in this small roundtable setting allowed us to exchange excellent ideas. I was able to take back some great ideas to implement in my own practice. I look forward to future meetings with VSP like this one!” Jeanine Labrada, OD

Live peer networking events like these are just one more stepping stone in reaching your practice goals in partnership with Premier Edge.

Upcoming Networking Events

March 30: Doctor Networking Dinner - Costa Mesa, CA

March 30: Doctor Networking Dinner - Gettysburg, PA

April 11: Doctor Networking Dinner - Pembroke Pines, FL

April 11: Doctor Networking Dinner - Germantown, TN

April 11: Doctor Networking Dinner - Huntsville, AL

April 12: Doctor Networking Dinner - Palm Beach, FL

April 13: Doctor Networking Dinner - Birmingham, AL

April 20: PECAA Peer to Peer Dinner - Nashville, TN

April 25: Houston Society Dinner - Houston, TX

April 26: Doctor Networking Dinner - Woodland Hills, CA

We're continuing to add dates and locations, but want to hear from you. Please let us know if you’d like us to bring a Peer-to-Peer Networking Dinner to your community! Click below and please include the following:

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