Schools and Colleges of Optometry

Access information and resources designed to help students on their path to private practice optometry

Schools and Colleges of Optometry

Access information and resources designed to help students on their path to private practice optometry

Supporting the Next Generation of Optometrists

Partnering with schools and colleges of optometry across the United States, VSP Global offers a variety of programs and services designed to help optometry students reach their career goals. VSP has proudly supported optometry for more than 65 years and is committed to advantaging students and new graduates coming into the profession.  

Explore below to see the variety of options available to students and new ODs.


  • Private Practice Clubs
    VSP supports the Private Practice Clubs at all schools of optometry in the U.S. to help prepare students for the next steps in their optometric career. VSP works with these organizations to provide resources and deliver presentations on a wide range of optometric business principles.

    Students can connect with their school’s club to learn more.
  • Scholarship Program
    Students have access to a variety of scholarships offered in partnership with the schools of optometry, state associations, and more. Students can contact their school’s financial aid office to learn more. Check out some of the scholarships and awards available:
  • NOSA Chapters
    As part of VSP’s partnership with the National Optometric Association (NOA), VSP supports the National Optometric Student Association (NOSA) Chapters at all participating schools of optometry in the U.S. to inspire students to promote diversity within the field of optometry and to use optometry as a platform for community service. VSP works with each Chapter to provide resources, experiences and opportunities for their members.

    Students can connect with their school’s NOSA Chapter to learn more.
  • Travel Grants
    VSP offers Travel Grants throughout the year to send students to various events and tradeshows, such as Academy, Vision Expo East and West, and others. Plus, these grants are available to all students! Since many events are now virtual in response to COVID-19 concerns, check back here for updates on future travel grant information.
  • Employment Opportunities with Premier Pathways
    Your Clear Path Forward 
    Premier Pathways partners with schools of optometry to share career opportunities with students and graduates, helping them find the right place to practice their passion. Designed to support an optometrist’s career growth from the start of their career to the pinnacle of their professional journey, Pathways also offers valuable resources such as interview tips and industry expertise.

    Connect with us using the Premier Pathways contact form at the very bottom of this page.
  • Student Immersion Program
    In collaboration with partnering doctors and schools of optometry, VSP facilitates an optometry student immersion program that takes a small group of third-year students and immerses them in a private practice for about two days. Developed based on feedback from student outreach with the schools of optometry, this program allows students to see the daily life of private practice first-hand.

    Check out how much these UHCO students enjoyed their experience with Dr. Cuong Tran and his amazing office staff in December 2019!

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In the News

Dr. Marvin R. Poston Leadership Award

VSP Global® and the National Optometric Association (NOA) are proud to honor five students with the 2021 Dr. Marvin R. Poston Leadership Award.

Recipients of Visioning the Future Mentorship Program

The National Optometric Association (NOA), the Dr. Marvin R. Poston Foundation and VSP Global, announced today the recipients of Visioning the Future mentorship program.

A Mission to Pay it Forward

As I look toward my graduation next year from the Illinois College of Optometry (ICO), I reflect on all of the people who have supported me along the way.

A Vision of Hope for Optometry

I was primarily doing refractive management for my patients, and I wanted to do more. I wanted to practice full-scope optometry, to help people and make a difference.

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