Help Your Uninsured Patients Get Vision Coverage 

Online instant enrollment is now available


The COVID-19 pandemic has left millions of people unemployed and unsure how to continue access to insurance coverage, including vision benefits. If your practice is open for business, consider sharing information about VSP Individual Vision Plans with your uninsured patients. VSP Individual Visions Plans are an affordable vision insurance option that patients can buy on their own. Online Instant Enrollment is now available for these plans so coverage starts immediately after patients enroll using a smartphone, tablet, or laptop. Your uninsured patients can get covered in less than 10 minutes, all while they wait for their appointment.

If you are part of the VSP® Individual Vision Plans Doctor Program, you can earn advertising payments by sharing Individual Vision Plan ads on your website or Facebook page. When a patient lands on the application page* of, you will receive an $8 advertising payment if your practice has Platinum or Gold status in the VSP Global® Premier Program. All other network practices will receive $5 advertising payments. By helping your patients get vision coverage, you’ll gain patient loyalty and retention.

Learn more about the program here.

*Purchase of a plan is not required to receive advertising payments. 

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