VSP Extends Primary EyeCare Services through June to Create Access During Pandemic

VSP Vision Care has decided to extended access to its VSP Primary EyeCare Plan services through June for most members and their dependents


While areas of the country are starting to open, others still have shelter-at-home requirements in place due to COVID-19. VSP Vision Care® has decided to extended access to its VSP Primary EyeCare PlanSM services through June for most members and their dependents who are not currently covered with this benefit.

This offering follows the guidance of Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and American Optometric Association (AOA) related to urgent eye care needs during the pandemic.  

Further expanding the timeline of this offering will allow more members to access the care they need from their eye doctor, helping to ease the burden on already stretched emergency departments and urgent care centers during the COVID-19 pandemic. VSP Primary EyeCare Plan provides additional options for doctors as well. Many Americans have medical eye care coverage through their health plans and VSP Primary EyeCare Plan services can be a helpful supplement in those cases or can be a primary source of payment when a doctor does not participate on a particular health panel. 

VSP Primary EyeCare Plan provides supplemental medical eye care services for the detection, treatment, and management of ocular and visual conditions. Services include treatment for eye trauma, injury, conjunctivitis, foreign body removal, and exams and tests to diagnose sudden vision changes. Many services can be performed remotely. 

Service specifics follow: 

  • The temporarily extended medical eye care services are for all VSP members who don’t already have VSP Primary EyeCare, including Cigna, except Metlife and discount plan members e.g. Access, Visions Savings Pass. 
  • VSP members have a $20 copay for exam services, payable to the doctor at the time of service.  
  • Call VSP Customer Care at 800.615.1883 to obtain an authorization for the temporary medical eye care services, if they do not already have VSP Primary EyeCare Plan.  
  • The member’s health insurance carrier should be billed as primary when other plan coverage exists, and you participate on the health plan’s network.  
  • Detailed information on VSP Primary EyeCare Plan is available in the Provider Reference Manual  on  VSPOnline at eyefinity.com.  
  • We are thankful for the care you are providing during this time. If you have any questions, please contact providernetworkdevelopment@vsp.com.  
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