VSP Claim Tracking Tool Functionality Updates

The VSP® claim tracking tool on eClaim at eyefinity.com has been updated to include restored functionality.


Starting today, November 30, you will be able to easily search and view details for a specific paid or priced claim.

From the eClaim landing page on eyefinity.com you can choose to search for paid claims or priced claims by entering either the member ID or claim number. You can also simply select either the paid or priced claims to view a list of these claims from your practice. All search results will only include VSP claims that were submitted through eClaim on eyefinity.com or through Eyefinity practice management systems, paper claims are not included.

When viewing a paid claim, you can see the status and if it has been paid by ACH direct deposit or by check (including the check number), and the paid date.

Priced claim search results can be filtered using Patient Name and/or Date of Service.

View the Tracking VSP Claims User Guide on the eLEARN tab at eyefinity.com for details and screen shots on how to use the claim tracking tool.


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