Creative Ways Your Patients Can Utilize Flexible Spending Account Dollars in Your Practice

Maui Jim has three ideas to help your patients maximize their Flexible Spending Account (FSA) dollars while you increase your profits.


Three Creative Ways Your Patients Can Utilize Flexible Spending Account (FSA) Dollars in Your Practice:

  • Polarized Lenses for Contact Lens Wearers
    Contact lens patients will likely purchase sunglasses from someone—why shouldn’t it be you? Remind your contact lens wearers that not all contact lenses provide UV protection and those that do, do not protect the entire front surface of the eye or the eyelids. Using FSA dollars to purchase premium Maui Jim sunglasses will provide complete UV protection. Each pair of Maui Jim sunglasses—plano or prescription—carry the Skin Cancer Foundation seal of recommendation, that signifies complete UV protection.
  • Additional Polarized Lens Colors
    Patients that currently wear polarized lenses, prescription or plano, are very aware of the benefits they provide. However, have you thought of suggesting an additional pair in a different base color? Maui Jim offers four polarized lens colors providing different visual benefits. Most people would benefit from having access to two or more colors of polarized lenses for specific situations.
  • Specialty Spectacle Lenses
    Spectacle and contact lens wearers alike could benefit from a specialty spectacle lens. With work from home becoming mainstream, people are spending more time than ever on digital screens. MauiPassport Office progressive lenses and MauiPassport Boost anti-fatigue lenses are great ways to take advantage of FSA benefits. These lenses provide relief from digital eye strain, especially when combined with blue light filtering Maui Blue Light Protect.

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