Maximize VSP Benefits for Patients with Diabetes 

VSP® is committed to addressing the diabetes epidemic in the U.S., where more than 30 million people have diabetes1, and 84 million people have prediabetes with nearly 90% of them unaware they have it2. Doctors of Optometry continue to treat and manage increasing numbers of patients with these conditions. You can maximize existing VSP benefits with patients who have diabetes, increase patient loyalty, and expand your patient base.  

Retinal imaging is covered in full for patients who have diabetes, even if they don’t show signs of diabetic eye disease, through the VSP Primary EyeCare PlanSM and VSP Diabetic Eyecare Plus ProgramSM. Patient eligibility can be confirmed in the Patient Record Report, under “Specialty Eyecare.” Detailed information regarding the VSP Primary EyeCare Plan and VSP Diabetic Eyecare Plus Program can be found in the Provider Reference Manual on VSPOnline at  

By indicating the chronic health condition diagnosis codes on your VSP claims, you’ll be able to quickly reference the patient’s chronic health condition on the Patient Record Report when they come back for subsequent visits. In addition, we’ll send reminders to your patients who have been identified as having diabetes if they haven’t had an eye exam in 14 months and refer them back to your practice.  

Keep an eye out for additional information and resources to support maximizing VSP benefits with your patients who have diabetes. 


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