CareCredit Credit Card

Whether patients seek eyewear or long-term clinical eyecare, CareCredit can help patients move forward right from your practice

CareCredit Credit Card

Whether patients seek eyewear or long-term clinical eyecare, CareCredit can help patients move forward right from your practice

Help more patients accept your recommendations and build customer loyalty by accepting the CareCredit healthcare credit card in your practice. Accepting and proactively presenting the CareCredit healthcare credit card as part of a total payment solution can help you:

Keep Prescriptions in House & Increase Average Ticket

With the average eyewear capture rate at just over 50%, the amount of potential revenue and patient satisfaction walking out the door can be considerable.1 When you capture just one more patient a day with an average spend of $769, you could potentially generate an additional $16,918 a month in revenue.2 When patients know upfront that promotional financing is available, it can help open their mindset to focusing on the products and care they truly want.

Don’t Lose Patients to Your Competitors

32% of cardholders said they would have gone to another provider or not had a procedure/made a purchase if the provider did not accept the CareCredit card.3 52% of consumers surveyed say they want patient financing options and 66% would even consider switching providers for a better healthcare payment experience.3

Enhance Patient Loyalty 

Currently, there are 12.4 million CareCredit cardholders and another 203,000 new accounts on average are approved each month. It’s likely that many are either already your patients or live in your community and may prefer to pay with their CareCredit credit card rather than using a general-purpose credit card or applying for a different financing solution. Plus, with an average of 1.3 million searches per month on our acceptance locator, patients are proactively searching for practices that accept CareCredit.4

Increase Acceptance of Eye Care Treatments

Managing chronic conditions such as dry eye and myopia is a long-term investment. Breaking down total costs in terms of estimated monthly payments may help patients move forward with and maintain a proper treatment plan. And unlike installment loans, as long as there is available credit, cardholders can use CareCredit for the whole family without reapplying for ongoing care. 

Not Yet Accepting CareCredit?

Get started today at no cost. Practices participating in the VSP Premier Edge™️ SAVE up to 40% on promotional financing processing rates and network members SAVE up to 25%.5 

New PreQual for Patients!

No impact to their credit score and easy for your business.

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2. Average first ticket sale of new CareCredit account in optical practice, 2020.
3. CareCredit Path to Purchase, 2018
4. January–December 2019 Omniture Web Report
5. Provider rates subject to change.

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