Powering the future of your practice so you can focus on patient care.


Powering the future of your practice so you can focus on patient care.

A new vision in frame board management. 

Kaleyedoscope promotes operational efficiencies, balanced cash flow, and profitability, driven by analytics and your participation.  

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Features and Benefits


Gain more time to focus on patients

Patient experience is crucial to the success of your business. Attract and retain more satisfied patients with a more productive staff that has time to focus on your patients' needs.


Stabilize Cash Flow | Lower Return Rates

Eliminate large frame bills at the end of slow months. In addition, better sell-through means fewer returns.


Effortless management with free shipping options

Free shipping options available for providers who use a Kaleyedoscope-endorsed lab


Increase Sales

Buyers will have more time to spend on your patients to uncover their needs, along with opportunities to sell higher-end products and enhance multiple pair selections.


Brands you love

From luxury to sport, there’s a frame for every consumer. And with a diverse portfolio of over 20 brands, there’s a style and price point for everyone.

cash flow

Top selling frames that generate the most sales

Kaleyedoscope offers curated assortments featuring multiple colors, sizes, and shapes based on a practice’s sales trends and participation

Kaleyedoscope is growing at a fast pace with participating practices experiencing double-digit increases in inventory turns.

To join this results-oriented program, please contact the Online Support Team at 800.630.6680

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