Eye-Catching Captions on Social Media

Create optometry-driven captions for social media


A powerful caption with a strong call to action are the keys to a successful social media post. It can provide context, showcase wit, and increase engagement with your followers.   

Tips for writing a strong social media caption: 

Find your voice. Start by thinking of your brand's personality as a celebrity or public figure. Who would they be? Pick up four adjectives that describe your practice (i.e. elevated, bold, authoritative, or modern). 

Plan. Building your content calendar in advance helps you to be more intentional with writing. You can draft a post with programs like Hootsuite. Planning will provide a fuller picture and focus on the upcoming month(s). 

Proofread. Have someone read your content before you publish. If you don't have access to an editor, utilize online editing tools like the Hemmingway App and Grammarly. Both programs can detect grammar issues and improve readability. 

Get PUNny. Eye health is serious business, but it’s important to make your social media content something that followers want to look at. Spread the message of eye health and add clever eye puns into your writing. Emojis can enhance your message as well. 

Cut to the chase. Social media followers have a limited attention span. At the onset of your caption, establish the message you are trying to send to hold interest.2 


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