Eye-Catching Videos for Patients Made Easy

Leverage video content for patient communication and connection


Now more than ever, video content is powerful. A recent study showed that consumers today are watching an average of 16 hours of online videos per week, an increase of 52% over the past two years1. Consider producing videos to help share your practice’s important messages, updates, and eye-health tips. Share these videos online so your patients and others can easily find this information when researching.

Educational videos can capture the attention of potential and current patients. Videos on social should be short, eye-catching, and feature doctors and optical staff. Follow these tips from the experts, and you can easily produce your own video content on a budget.

How to begin: 

· Plan your content. Look into trending vision health topics and pick a few questions you are comfortable answering. You are the vision health expert and your patients are looking to you for guidance. Brainstorm video content surrounding the services you are offering and what those services will look like now. Also, if you are getting the same questions many times from patients, it’s probably worth producing a video about!

· Be clear and concise.  Your video should have a conversational tone, while also reinforcing your expertise on eye health. It’s helpful to write out a brief outline of what you want to focus on. Try to keep each video under 30 seconds. If you have time, practice once or twice before you record the final version.

· Keep it steady. A shaky camera can be very distracting. Tripods for smartphones (example here) can be purchased at a low cost. A tripod will keep your video steady, which will make the video easy to watch. 

· Lighting matters. Good lighting will add to the professional quality of the video. Your credibility will be stronger on social media if your content/imagery looks professional. If natural lighting is an issue, consider using a small ring light (example here) that clips right onto your phone, laptop, or tablet.

· Add captions! Make your content accessible for all users by adding quick captions to your videos using apps like these. Make sure to incorporate relevant hashtags as well. 


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