4 Easy Ways to Add a Practice Logo to Your Marketing

Learn how to incorporate your branding on any graphic


A logo is your practice’s calling card and the one recurring visual element your patients will learn to recognize. A strong logo helps you stand out from the crowd and reinforce your brand, so it’s helpful to use it in your marketing. Consider these tips to add your logo to social media images, newsletters, or in-practice signage: 

  • Staples Business Advantage. Looking for premade signage or postcards? My Marketing Team offers a handful of customizable printed marketing materials through the Staples Business Advantage program. Check out the gallery and learn more here. 

  • Photoshop. This method is a little more complex, but if you already have access to Photoshop at your practice, you can follow this quick process to add your logo to any image.  

Looking for more information on how to enhance your practice’s branding? Browse through our Branding Resources Toolkit to help you reset, reimagine, and reenergize your practice’s brand and increase profitability. 

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