Ignite Your Social Media with a Contest

Grow and engage existing and potential patients


Social media contests can generate awareness for your practice and create patient engagement. Up to 84.5% of people who enter social media contests still share content from that brand—even after the competition has ended.1

Consider the following before hosting a contest: 

  • Set a budget and prizes you are willing to giveaway (i.e. Level glasses/free exam/designer frames/etc.) 

  • Determine the entry process for each platform (location-based, trivia, feedback, etc., more ideas here

  • Set the length and duration of the contest (i.e. start and stop date of contest.) 

  • Ensure the contest is consistent with your goals (growing followers, raising awareness of services.) 

  • Encourage patients to engage with the contest through posting images and story telling that showcase your practice's products in a creative way. 

  • Familiarize yourself with rules for hosting a promotion on your social media accounts. 

We’ve made it easy for you to learn more about each platform’s rules and guidelines to maximize your contest’s success, while also ensuring compliance with the platform’s guidelines.  

Facebook Contest Rules 
Instagram Contest Rules 
Pinterest Contest Rules 
Twitter Contest Rules 

Don’t forget to follow-up your social media contest by announcing the winner on your social media too.  

We’d love to hear how your social media contest worked for your practice. Please email us your story and we will select one practice and share their success story.

1. Kat Boogaard, "11 Best Social Media Contest Ideas to Get More Brand Exposure," Toggl, published November 9, 2017. https://blog.toggl.com/social-media-contest-ideas/.

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