Keep Frame Selection Purposeful

Get strategic with inventory management


A strategic approach to inventory management caters specifically to patient shopping interests and offers options within those categories. This is true now more than ever, as consumers begin to keep a closer eye on their spending. Be purposeful in choosing your frame selection. Think about what your patients need, then consider what they want. Thinking of creative ways to help patients receive a premium frame or two for less will help them feel happier with their experience at your practice and sales can increase.  

Here are a few points to consider:  

  • Showcase selective variety. For instance, if you have a large athlete patient base, ensure that you offer a selection of popular but functional sport frames – without going overboard. You can also use this as an opportunity to showcase the specific frames you want patients to purchase during any given month or season. 
  • Share the excitement of a second pair. Offer a fun and affordable second pair that fits the patient’s personal style, in addition to the classic frame they know they need for everyday or time spent on the computer for work. The second pair might be less conventional for them or perhaps it is prescription sunglasses that protect their eyes from potentially harmful rays.
  • Promote discounts. Who doesn’t love feeling like they’ve gotten a deal on something they need? Remember to utilize marketing offers from brands to help support your selling, such as an Extra $40 off specific brands for VSP Vision Care members.  

Also, consider a personalized, concierge-like shopping experience for your patients. Through this experience, they will see firsthand how much you have prioritized their individual needs and wants. Selecting frames for them to try on ahead of time will ensure that you know which frames they’ve touched so you can clean them afterward. You can also think of it as offering a miniature, exclusive trunk show and make the patient feel like a celebrity… in your office at least! 

In the next article of our Frame Board Management series, we’ll share information about the real cost of returns and how minimizing returns can help your bottom line. Stay tuned! 

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