The Building Blocks to Your New Brand

10 tips on telling your practice’s story


Establishing a revitalized brand for your practice requires time, effort, and patience. Consider this process as a long-term investment to help your office make great first impressions and long-lasting relationships. To get started, work through the following exercises with your team: 

  1. Identify the target audience. Pick a niche audience that your practice can target effectively. Branding is not one size fits all. Creating a mission and message to meet your target audience’s needs will allow you to build a relevant relationship with those patients.   
  2. Check in on competitors. Researching other brands in your industry can give your practice a competitive edge. Learn from their successes and failures to give patients a stronger reason to choose your practice over others. 
  3. Set yourself apart. Note things you are being complimented on and be sure to highlight them. Think about how you provide value that improves your patients' lives. 
  4. Mission statement. Everything you do from a branding and marketing perspective should tie into your mission statement. When people ask you what you do: answer them with your brand mission statement. 
  5. Find your voice. How you speak to patients matters. Choosing the right brand voice plays an important part in how patients will perceive your brand. 
  6. Create brand messaging. Crafting a succinct message that conveys who you are, how you differentiate from competitors, and why they should care is an important part of your brand. 
  7. Logo creation. A logo is your practice’s calling card and the one recurring visual element your patients will learn to recognize. A strong logo helps you stand out from the crowd and reinforce your brand. 
  8. Utilize all channels. Create your brand so your patients have a consistent experience, no matter what the interaction. Ensure your brand is integrated into your entire business. 
  9. Consistency is key. Building a consistent brand can help patients feel like they know you. Avoid surprises and conflicting messaging. 
  10. Be a brand champion. You and your employees are your biggest brand ambassadors. Whether you are in the exam room, in the dispensary, or front desk, you represent your practice. 

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