What is a Hashtag Exactly?

Have your finger on the pulse of #hashtag trends


Hashtags are an easy tool to attract new followers on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. A hashtag is a word (or phrase) that begins with a pound (or hash) sign and identifies specific posts on social media through metadata.1 In simple terms, adding the pound sign to a word or multiple words (without spaces) allows your followers to click on that specific hashtag which takes them to more relevant content of the like.

Adding hashtags to your posts is important, but what’s more important is using the most relevant hashtags for your posts. Hashtags can shape your brand image, spark conversations for trending topics and reach your target audience(s). 

Lucky for us, there are many hashtag resources that can help save time and generate ideas to attract new followers such as a hashtag app (mobile) and a hashtag calendar (website). Hashtag calendars help you shape your content to stay mainstream and current, such as National Sunglasses Day.

Important takeaways for hashtags:

  • A hashtag is a word with a # symbol in front of it
  • It is a search and categorization tool on social media
  • Hashtags can engage and attract like-minded followers and new patients
  • You can use up to 30 hashtags per social media post
  • Download a hashtag calendar to help build your monthly social content (example here)
  • Always remember to hashtag your city, neighborhood or airport code to ensure visibility of your posts with potential patients nearby.

Hashtag suggestions for your practice: #optometry #glasses #eyewear #sunglasses #eyewearfashion #fashion

Remember, you can add custom hashtags in the copy of scheduled social media posts.



1. Brie Barbee, “What is A Hashtag”, Digital Trends, February 18, 2018. https://www.digitaltrends.com/social-media/what-is-a-hashtag/

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