Help Your Patients Use Their Vision Benefits Before They Expire

Remind patients to schedule an eye exam today


Don't let your patients’ benefits go unused this year! Be a resource and help patients use their benefits before they expire. The more a patient understands how they can use their benefits, the more proactive they will become. Consistent messaging can encourage your patients to avoid the December rush and use their benefits sooner. 

Motivate patients to use their benefits in the following ways:  

Keep patients informed. Send an email with a strong Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) list about vision benefits. Find some examples of benefit utilization tips you can share with your patients here. At the bottom of the FAQ section, provide your office number so patients can connect with staff members if they need more clarification on their vision benefits. We have provided graphics below that you can use for email or social media.   

Share reminders. Help patients understand that their vision benefits may not carry over into the new year. Use the content below or in Hootsuite to send friendly reminders about deadlines to use benefits. Create social media videos with your staff also.  

Increase eye health tips on social media. Consistent messaging about eye health will keep vision top-of-mind. Add a call-to-action to each post encouraging followers to schedule an eye exam soon. 

If you are finding that your patients are hesitant to schedule their eye exams this year, consider reinforcing your practice safety measures on social media and on your website--find resources here. For more tips to help your patients use their benefits, check out the Beat the Rush rebate toolkit for additional marketing resources.  


Get social.

Download this Facebook and Instagram graphic and use the recommended copy to engage through social media. Or, better yet, customize the post to fit your practice’s new styles and specials. Remember to add your practice phone number and city or neighborhood hashtags so patients can find you and schedule their annual eye exam!

Recommended post: Schedule an eye exam today before your 2020 benefits expire! Call our office to make an appointment. #eyehealth #visionbenefits

Send an email.
Download and send this email graphic using your patient engagement platform.

Promote inside your office.
Download and print this poster to display in your office.

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