New Year, New Benefits

Remind your patients about their new benefits


Let’s ring in the new year by reminding your patients about their new benefits. Check out these helpful tips to ensure a busy January.  

Unboxing of new arrivals. Schedule a Facebook or Instagram Live session to unbox new arrivals. Create fun style categories to help showcase all the eyewear you currently have and some of the best sellers. Don’t forget to include the style ID in case anyone tuning in wants to call and order a pair.  

Send an email. This is the perfect time to send a reminder email to patients letting them know they have new benefits. Some patients may have been waiting for their new benefits to make an eyewear purchase. You can even include a link that takes them directly to your website to book their annual exam and, if available, include a link to your eyewear catalog.   

Let’s get social.  You ended the year with a bang, and schedules were filled. Let's take that momentum and start filling the schedule through to the first quarter. Schedule posts to your social media accounts to remind patients about their new benefits, schedule an eye exam, and include new eyewear styles in-office.


Get Social.
Social media is a fantastic way to stay connected to patients. Help get your message across by using the post below. Better yet, customize the post to fit your practice’s new styles and specials. Remember to add your practice phone number and city or neighborhood hashtags so patients can find you and schedule their annual eye exam!

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