Vision Care in the New Year

Prompt your patients to add eye health to their New Year's resolutions with these resources.



Subject Line: Eye Care is Self-Care

The best way to maintain good vision and gain insights into your overall well-being is to tap into your vision coverage by getting a comprehensive eye exam. 

As we flip the calendar over to a new year, many people’s medical and vision benefits are also renewed. Part of any good new year’s resolution is a self-care routine that includes taking the time to schedule all your necessary wellness exams, like making an appointment with your eye doctor. If you have questions on your benefits, feel free to give us a call. We can review your coverage, make sure you are maximizing your benefits, and help you schedule your eye exam. 

A comprehensive eye exam can be a life-saving measure for people susceptible to chronic conditions. Through an eye exam, eye doctors can help detect early signs of problems, like diabetes and high cholesterol, sometimes years before other symptoms show. According to the American Diabetes Association, an annual eye exam is also a must for those already living with diabetes, offering a simple way to prevent or delay vision loss caused by the condition.

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