Four Opportunities to Increase Profitability throughout the Patient Journey

Marketing tips, templates, and downloadable resources for your practice.


VSP® member offers aren’t just valuable to patients—they can help your profitability as well. Here are some ideas to promote valuable member offers at every step of the patient journey.

Pre-appointment: Let patients know about exclusive offers ahead of time, such as the Extra $40 promotion.

1. Send appointment reminders via text or email prior to their appointment and ask that they confirm. Consider promoting exclusive offers as part of the reminder.  

During the appointment: Deliver a great in-office experience and educate your patients on savings along the way.  

2. Educate patients throughout the in-office experience, from the waiting room to the exam and the dispensary. Take a few extra minutes to explain the importance of annual eye exams, the services you provide, and the customized solutions you’re offering them. Share the following patient marketing materials and resources: 

Post-appointment: Follow up with your patient to ensure their satisfaction with their visit.  

3. Share information on the Premier Edge™ Promise via text message or email. The Premier Edge Promise offers your VSP® patients a worry-free eyewear guarantee. If their glasses break, their prescription changes, or they don’t love the glasses they chose, they can replace them at no out-of-pocket expense to your practice.   

  • Text message template: Thank you for your visit! As a VSP member, you’re backed by the Premier Edge Promise - a worry-free eyewear guarantee when you visit a Premier Edge location. Learn more here: 

4. Send a follow-up text or give patients a call once they receive their glasses to ensure they're satisfied. Here are a few ideas to include:

  • Offer a free eyewear adjustment.
  • Request an online review.  
  • Invite them to refer a friend or family member. 
  • Promote the exclusive rebate for contact lenses. Text message template: As a VSP member, you can save up to $310 on an annual supply of eligible contact lenses purchased from our office! More details here: 

If you have questions or are looking for more ways to improve your patient experience, please reach out to us at

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