Show Patients You’ve Gone the Extra Mile

Earn badges through education and training with Premier Academy360

Show Patients You’ve Gone the Extra Mile

Earn badges through education and training with Premier Academy360


Enhance Practice Visibility with the Premier Academy360 Badging Program

By completing specialized education through Premier Academy360™, your practice can now attain and display badges on the VSP® Find a Doctor Directory. Content development of the education and trainings for badges was guided by the Premier Academy360 Advisory Panel and industry partners.

Badges aim to increase visibility on Find a Doctor, which was utilized by more than 1 million users per month in 2020. By taking advantage of this tool, your practice can highlight their unique strengths and provide patients visibility into your commitment to enhanced patient experience and specialization.


Academy360 Training Badge

This badge indicates that this location has completed training focused on clinical care, practice management, and patient-service experience from VSP Vision™ Premier Academy360. Education and trainings are developed by leading industry experts exclusively for VSP Network Doctors.

Practices that want to highlight their overall commitment to elevating the patient experience and ongoing training in practice management are encouraged to earn this badge.

  • Points needed: 135 per practice
  • Who is Eligible: Locations with the Premier Program banner on the Find a Doctor Directory
  • Requirements:

American Diabetes Association Badge

This badge indicates that this location has completed the Academy360 Diabetes Education Track and supports the partnership between the American Diabetes Association (ADA) and VSP to raise awareness of the impact of diabetes-related eye diseases through the Focus on Diabetes™ initiative. This badge communicates to patients that this location is committed to connecting vision to the overall health of VSP Vision Care members who are at risk or living with diabetes. Content development was guided by not only the Academy 360 Advisory Panel, but also a clinical advisory panel at the ADA made up of optometrists and a range of clinical experts in diabetes. Visit for resources to help enhance the practice experience for your patients with diabetes and prediabetes.

Practices dedicated to offering specialized care to those with diabetes, prediabetes, and patients who are not yet aware they have diabetes, are recommended to attain this badge.

  • Points needed: 135 per practice
  • Who is Eligible: All VSP Network private practice locations, as well as some retail locations
  • Requirements:
    • 601N: Essential Medical Eye Care eLearning course or webinar (15 points)
    • Retinal imaging equipment at the location level
    • Elective  
      • Choose from any of the diabetes education track courses eligibile for this badge. Course List.
  • Upon earning the ADA badge, you will receive a complimentary one-year ADA Associate Membership (up to $300 value!).

How it Works

  • Each individual needs their own login for the eLearning platform. Log In or sign up here.
  • Badges are awarded at the practice level and are exclusive to practices participating in the Premier Program.*
  • Points are accumulated by taking courses of varying point values.
  • After requirements are met, practice locations will retain their badge for one year, after which they will need to requalify.
  • Completion:
    • Practices will be notified via email upon completion of requirements.
    • Badges will be awarded the month following completion notification.
    • Badges will appear on the Find a Doctor Directory on

*The American Diabetes Association (ADA) badge is open to VSP network private practice locations regardless of Premier Program status, as well as some retail locations.

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