Staff360: Employee Onboarding and Development Series

Available exclusively to Platinum and Gold-level practices participating in the VSP Vision™ Premier Program, the Premier Academy360™ Staff360 Employee Onboarding and Development series is designed to support your practice in easing the challenges associated with onboarding new employees and accelerating their knowledge of the optometric industry, VSP, and your specific practice goals. Access the complimentary resources below designed to save you time and money on staff training and development, including eLearning courses, on-demand webinars, and testimonials about the value of staff-focused training from your peers. 

Staff360: "215G Onboarding Optometry New Hires" eLearning Course

This eLearning course is designed to help you onboard new hires with a comprehensive, step-by-step guide. You'll receive recommendations for successful employee onboarding along with downloadable resources to help you and each new employee stay organized during the training period, including two checklists, a job aid, and a training workbook with an outlined 90-day training program. 

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Staff360: VSP Visionary Pro

The VSP Visionary Pro suite of eLearning courses provides practice employees with additional knowledge of VSP products and programs so you can effectively maximize VSP in your practice, including topics on TechShield® Anti-Reflective Coatings, Marchon and Altair® frame brands, and more. Once an employee completes these courses—about three hours of training—they’ll receive a certificate of completion, and the practice will receive the Premier Academy360 Training Badge displayed on the VSP® Find a Doctor Directory on  

New! Check out the VSP Visionary Pro Sample Education Calendar to complete VSP Visionary Pro in a 12-week timeframe or visit through the "VSP Visionary Pro" module to complete the courses at your own pace.  

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Staff360: Industry-Focused Exam Education

A new step-by-step exam prep program will be introduced to support staff in achieving optimal results on a nationally recognized certification.

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Leveraging Premier Academy360 for New Staff Training

California VSP Ambassador Corey A. Hodes, OD incorporates education from Premier Academy360 to help his staff become an integral part of his growing practice.

Premier Academy360 Role-Focused Catalogs

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