Hiring ODs

Find and hire the best talent

Hiring ODs

Find and hire the best talent

A Personalized Approach

Exclusively for Platinum and Gold Level Premier Program doctors, Premier Pathways matches you with a doctor who shares your passion for patient care. We’ll help you identify and attract job seeking ODs to match you with the perfect candidate. Benefits include a dedicated HR recruiter, customized job postings, OD matching services, listings on 600+ career sites, promotion of listings at schools of optometry and industry events, and an extensive professional network.

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Doris H. Wong, OD. San Ramon Family Optometry, San Ramon, CA.

Michelle King, OD. Poway Eyeworks, Poway, CA

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Increase your job posting exposure through our experience and marketing channels.

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Our hiring recruiter helps tailor a customized job description based on your unique needs.

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Access exclusive hiring aids, tools and resources to assist in your hiring success.


Hiring Tips

This infographic shows how interacting with applicants helps attract talented employees.

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Marketing to Hire Stellar Staff

Dr. Annette Webb shares how practice branding can attract and retain both patients and employees.
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Workforce Tips for ODs

Tips that allow you to be informed, agile, and efficient when running your practice.

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Hire Right the First Time

Hear the tips to hire the right employees for your practice.

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Staff Role-based Curriculum Trainings

Train your staff using these role-based curriculum, available from Premier Academy360.
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