6 Patient Engagement Tips for a Successful Reopening

Effectively communicate your practice’s reopening

As you prepare to reopen your practice, the following are helpful tips to engage with patients and communicate new safety protocols. For more tools, tips, and resources to help your practice reopen, reference the VSP Global Premier Program Practice Reopening Resource Guide

1. Update your website. As soon as you finalize reopening details, add relative information to your website. This will be one of the first places your patients look for practice updates, so it should be accurate. Also, update your practice’s VSP Find a Doctor, Yelp, and Google My Business hours and services accordingly.

2. Post on social. Along with sending out text and email updates to your patients through your patient engagement tools such as SolutionReach and Weave, we recommend sharing frequent status alerts about your reopening on social media. Facebook and Instagram Live are great options to connect with your followers in real-time. 

  • Let your followers know any important changes to your practice that may affect hours or services. My Marketing team has provided social media materials here that you can use to share your messages. 
  • Consider engaging with your patients through stories or posts and answer questions they might have about your reopening.  
  • Include information about how your practice will be a “safe place” to visit (social distancing requirements, appointment time slots, sanitizing equipment, etc.) 

3. Reach out to your network. Research online how other practices in your area are sharing their reopening details. Every practice will have unique updates, but it will be helpful to see what other offices are doing with their digital or print marketing strategies. We also suggest contacting your optometrist colleagues to ask how they are promoting. This will give your practice the opportunity to differentiate yourselves from others and make your individual marketing efforts stand out.

4. Connect with the community. Hold virtual meetings with local organizations or build on existing neighborhood connections to unify and cross-promote your practice while helping theirs. Consider highlighting another local small business once a week on your social media or promote them within your practice through giveaways or co-branded signage.

5. Use print marketing. To effectively get your message out and to remind patients of proper hygiene practices in your office, it is important to implement print marketing alongside your digital strategy. Download door sign templates from My Marketing Team here, customize them, and print locally through Staples Business Advantage. We also have postcard templates here that you can send directly to your patients!

6. Film informative and fun videos. Create video content surrounding any changes to services or new guidelines in your office. Since new policies may prevent extra contact and communication, try filming eye health videos that patients can watch after their visit at home. Add in fun content by highlighting your doctors and staff or by sharing a “try-on” of any frames you want to feature. Read more about creating video content for your practice here.


Get social.     
Download the Facebook and Instagram graphics, and use the recommended copy to engage through social media. Remember to add your practice phone number and city or neighborhood hashtags so patients can find you and schedule their eye exam.  
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