Premier Pathways

The career you want. The path to get you there. 

Premier Pathways

The career you want. The path to get you there. 

Introducing Premier Pathways, the program that provides tools and resources for doctors like you to choose the next step in your professional journey, including entry, ownership, and practice expansion.

With Premier Pathways, you can feel confident in removing some of the unknown from future hiring and growth decisions, with a clear path forward and additional support.

Recruitment Matching Services1

Provides hiring practices with a dedicated recruiter to assist hiring associate ODs, and hiring resources for doctors.

Practice Expansion Support2 

Offers upfront cash flow and in-office consulting to support expansion or purchase.


Premier Pathways is a benefit of the VSP Global® Premier Program. Developed by the Premier Program based on doctor feedback and demand, Premier Pathways supports doctors with:

  • Assistance for practice owners looking to hire an OD by providing professional job postings and recruitment services.
  • Support for doctors seeking employment in private practice.
  • Access to cash flow and resources for practice expansion or new location purchase.3

1. An exclusive Premier Program Platinum benefit.
2. Will qualify for Premier Program Platinum tier.
3. Qualification dependent on a five-year partnership agreement meeting minimum product commitments through VSP lab, lens and eyewear offerings.