Leaving Albuquerque Better Than I Found It

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My goal as an OD has always been to leave my hometown of Albuquerque better than I found it. So, it was an incredible honor to receive the 2022 Albuquerque Journal Readers’ Choice awards for “Best Doctor,” “Best Practice,” and “Best Optical” in Albuquerque.

Our Important Role on the Healthcare Team
Being voted “Best Doctor” was such a testament to the important role we as ODs have in the overall health of our patients. This distinction is particularly poignant as we recognize American Diabetes Month, which brings attention to the growing epidemic that impacts so many in my community, myself included.

One of my favorite patient stories is a young woman who came in for her annual eye exam and shared that she just wasn’t feeling well. After examining her and going through her history, we detected signs of diabetes and referred her to her primary doctor for tests that confirmed type 1 diabetes. Today, her disease is well-controlled, and she still comes in every year and thanks me for saving her life. In fact, she is now an advocate for people living with or at risk for diabetes and refers many of them to me because of her experience.

Having the American Diabetes Association (ADA) Badge from Premier Academy360 on the VSP Find a Doctor Directory reinforces our commitment to our patients’ overall health, setting us apart as a practice that takes extra steps to stay informed about diabetes. The Premier Academy360 training required for the badge is extremely beneficial to me and the staff as we help patients navigate their prognosis. And, being able to share my own struggle with diabetes reassures patients that I understand, I’m on their side, and we’ll figure this out together. This connection with patients reinforces our important role on their healthcare team.

The Cheesecake Factory of Optometry
I joke with my staff that I want Blink to be the “Cheesecake Factory of Optometry”. When you think desserts, you think of Cheesecake Factory (at least I do), and when you walk into the restaurant, you see a whole case of cheesecake and know that’s what you want. I want Blink to be that for glasses. When people think of glasses, I want them to think Blink, see all the great frames when they walk in, and think, “I want new glasses, new sunglasses, new computer glasses!”

The VSP Vision Premier Program has been fantastic at bringing us great brands like Draper James, Nike, and Dragon that we're able to put in our practice and really brand it as the cutting-edge optometry and optical practice of Albuquerque. Because we participate in the Premier Program, our patients love the extra money they have to spend through special offers like the Perfect Pair rebate, and we love the partner offers and shared savings the Premier Program provides to the practice. Just last week, we received our first Premier Pays More payment, which gives us even more on the frames and lenses we already offer and our patients love. With costs rising just about everywhere, it’s a nice breather to know our patients are receiving great products and we are getting a little extra to help maintain our quality of service.

More than 100 Years of Experience
One of the ways we differentiate our practice is our amazing staff, who have a combined 100+ years of experience in the optical field. They are fantastic at sitting down with our patients and taking time with them to adjust their glasses or fit them with the right progressive lenses. Patients love them (as reflected in the vote!) and they truly make our practice the best.

Leaving Albuquerque Better Than I Found It
At the end of the day, I’m most proud of helping the people in my community. “As Eye See It,” we belong to a medical profession that not only helps people see; it helps people live better lives. And I’m very grateful our patients recognize that and honor us by voting us “The Best.”

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