The Freedom to be Me

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What I love most about private practice optometry is the freedom to be myself—to see and treat patients in a way that feels most genuine to me. The relationships I form as a result foster patient loyalty, keep our practice thriving, and provide personal fulfillment for me and my staff.

A Personal Connection
As the only doctor in a relatively small practice, I get to know my patients and their families personally and develop meaningful relationships with them. Patients know that when they call our office, they will hear a friendly and familiar voice. They can call me directly and ask questions, inquire about my family, and update me on theirs. I once complimented a patient’s jewelry, and now she brings me a necklace every December. One patient brings me a sweet potato pie every Thanksgiving, and another bakes me macaroni and cheese! Our patients know that we are there for them and care about them as individuals. It keeps them coming back and bringing their friends and family with them.

My favorite patient story is a glaucoma patient I’d been seeing for years. After her first visit, she told me the glasses I prescribed were the first glasses she could see out of! When she eventually developed cataracts, I consulted with the surgeon for cataract surgery and a microinvasive glaucoma procedure (MIGS). Partnering with the other members of a patient’s healthcare team in this way was vital to her successful outcome.

One day postop, my patient’s pressures were controlled without drops and her vision was phenomenal. We both started crying—she couldn’t believe she was in her sixties and could see without glasses for the first time. Having this wonderful surgical outcome after managing this patient’s spectacle prescriptions and glaucoma for 15 years was a feeling that will always stick with me.

Partnerships that Support
I’ve been a VSP provider since I graduated from optometry school, and VSP has supported my practice on everything from supplying an expansive patient base, to providing high-quality lenses, frames, ophthalmic materials, and everything in between. Wherever you see optometry, you’ll see VSP on the front lines, championing the doctor.

We became a VSP Global Premier Program practice somewhat by accident. We loved and believed in all the materials and were already using them—both in our practice and homes. Being a part of the Premier Program has provided so many benefits to our practice and our patients, including preferred pricing, exclusive offers on frames, technology, and equipment, richer patient benefits, and enhanced patient flow due to their marketing on our behalf.

Giving Hope
Giving back and helping those in need is important to me. As a private practice optometrist, one way I’m able to do that is through the VSP Eyes of Hope program. Through Eyes of Hope, eligible students who need eye care, but don’t have the means to get it, can obtain a gift certificate from their school nurse and present it to our office. Their eye care and eyewear are covered in full by VSP. Being able to help someone, especially a child, and knowing it’s going to positively impact their lives and their academic progress, is incredibly fulfilling.

The Ultimate Reward
“As Eye See It,” the most rewarding part of being in the optometric profession is knowing that I have made a difference in someone’s life.  Overhearing a patient tell someone that I helped improve their eye health, visual acuity, or having a patient trust me enough to bring in their family members…that is what keeps me motivated and so proud to be in this field.

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