Achieving Growth with Balance

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When I was younger, I frequently took my grandmother to the eye doctor because she had a retinal detachment. I saw firsthand the impact her doctor had on her life, and I decided, at an early age, that private practice optometry was the field for me.

Standing Out
Leveraging new technology is one way we set our practice apart. Located in the Silicon Valley, we’re at the heart of the tech industry, and our patients expect the practice to reflect that. We pride ourselves on offering the latest tech gadgets and diagnostics, and our patients recognize and appreciate that.

Being part of the VSP Global Premier Program is another way we differentiate our practice. New patients come in to maximize their benefits by taking advantage of exclusive patient rebates and special offers and a wide range of frames that qualify for the Extra $40 promotion. Through the Premier Program, we also get discounts on the technology and equipment we offer in our practice, as well as preferred pricing on frames that we can pass along to our patients. The practice benefits from My Marketing Team marketing resources, as well as staff education and training from Premier Academy360.

The Next Step
The opportunity to partner with VSP Ventures presented itself when I was at a crossroads with the practice I had owned for six years. I wanted to grow the practice but didn’t want to sacrifice my work-life balance or my true passion for patient care. A colleague with similar goals had just successfully partnered with VSP Ventures, and suggested I consider doing the same. VSP has always been a great support to me and my practice, so VSP Ventures was a logical choice for my practice transition.

VSP Ventures listened to my objectives and concerns and collaborated with me on a partnership that met my personal needs and the needs of my practice. This support has been invaluable, especially through the pandemic. VSP Ventures provides an extended support team with numerous resources at our disposal, enabling us to focus on what’s important to us and what we do best – meeting the needs of our patients.

From those early days with my grandmother, I knew I wanted to take care of patients and make their lives better. I built a practice based on this objective, and today I’m able to expand that care without sacrificing my goals or priorities. “As Eye See It,” that is a win for me, my family, my practice, and my patients.

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