Private Practice Doctors: VSP Listened, Expanded Premier Program Offerings Coming Our Way

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Last year, as the VSP Global® Premier Program celebrated its fifth anniversary, I blogged about the benefits my practice has experienced being a part of this program. The Premier Program has helped me increase my practice’s revenue and grow my business, while at the same time helping my patients maximize their benefits. It’s a win for everyone.

Since that blog post almost a year ago, the Premier Program has continued to evolve to meet the new requirements of private practice doctors like myself. With all the changes in the eye care industry, it’s sometimes unclear how to remain competitive, and many of us requested more support from VSP Global and the Premier Program. I’m excited to learn that, based on our feedback, VSP® will be rolling out an enhanced version of the Premier Program in early 2020.

The new program will support more traffic to private practice, more exclusive patient offers, increased access to the best brands, robust education and training opportunities, and new business-driving initiatives for independent doctors like myself.

These exciting Premier Program changes were introduced at Vision Expo West, and additional communications about the expanded program will be sent to Premier Program practices. I hope you take the time to become informed on the new program and how it can best serve you, your practice, and your patients. As I see it, these enhancements offer private practice doctors like myself even more opportunities to differentiate and succeed.

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