August is National Eye Exam Month

An eye exam is not just about vision


August is National Eye Exam Month so it's only fitting that we give you reasons to share with your patients why it's so important to receive regular eye exams.


Subject Line: An Eye Exam is not Just About Vision

Perhaps you don’t wear glasses or contacts and haven’t had any issues with your eyes. So, you think, “Why would I need to go to the eye doctor every year?” You might be surprised to know that there is more to an eye exam than just checking your visual clarity. Here are three reasons why you should visit your eye doctor every year.

  1. Detects Early Signs of Chronic Diseases like Diabetes. Regular eye exams are critical because what may seem like a vision-related problem might be an indication of a broader health issue.
  2. Some Eye Diseases Are Symptom-Free. Getting an annual eye exam can help detect health conditions before they progress and may help preserve your vision. 
  3. Your Vision Might Not Be as Clear as You Think. You may not notice that your vision changed, but an eye exam can reveal if you need glasses, contacts or an update to your current prescription.

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Recommended posts: Even if your vision is clear and healthy, make it a priority to schedule yearly eye exams. Routine visits allow your eye care professional to look for signs of cataracts, glaucoma, macular degeneration, and other vision disorders. This early detection just may save your sight! #NationalEyeExamMonth #NEEM #eyehealth

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