How to Leverage Influencer Marketing for Your Practice

Utilize a social media influencer


An Influencer is a user on social media who has a large audience and the ability to encourage that audience to use or support a brand or product.  

Before working with an Influencer, consider the following:  

· Do research.  The Influencer you work with should align with your practice’s values and aesthetic. It should be someone that represents your practice well. Ensure they post high-quality content and have an engaged social media audience.  

· Go local. A strong goal of having a social media presence is to increase foot traffic for your practice. Work with someone local. The Influencer can promote your practice as a local recommendation to their followers. Close proximity can also allow them to stop into your practice and film their eye exam experience on their Instagram story. 

· Confirm pricing and deliverables in advance. Before working with an Influencer, layout the groundwork and manage expectations. Set the terms and agreements upfront so there is no grey area on the partnership. 

· Define the goals. Understand how you will measure the success of the working relationship. Collaborate on creating a promotional code that the Influencer can share on social media. After the promotion ends, make sure that you have accurate numbers and reporting on those who utilized the offer. 

· Build the relationship. If your Influencer campaign goes well, it can be a marketing resource in the future. There are numerous networking opportunities available for brands engaging with an Influencer. In many ways, they keep marketing doors open and your social media presence robust. 

An example of an influencer collaboration can be found here

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