Eyewear Resources

Leverage these complimentary tools and resources to maximize your practice’s eyewear options. 

Brand Training 

Want to learn more about Marchon and Altair brands? These brand presentations are a great way to get to know our diverse portfolio of premium fashion, lifestyle, and performance brands covering key demand segments. For many of our brands, a brand quiz and answer key are also available for staff training. 

Marchon and Altair 2020 Spring/Summer Brand Portfolio 

Ever wonder if there’s a portfolio that showcases all Marchon and Altair brands in one convenient place? Look no further! Here you can find the 2020 Spring/Summer Brand Portfolio that highlights these eyewear brands along with other relevant information. 

Marchon and Altair Brand Portfolio 

Marchon and Altair Brand Social Media / Video Assets

There is a treasure trove of social media assets and brand videos that you can take advantage of to elevate your social media posts and practice website.  

Increase Revenue Opportunities While Protecting Your Cash Flow

Preserve cash and mitigate risk with Altair’s no-cost board samples and Marchon’s high-margin introductory brand offers. These solutions are powered by proprietary Frame Board Management programs that promote balanced cash flow, operational efficiencies, and profitability, with the added value of VSP’s exclusive member offers and the VSP Global® Premier Program’s enhanced rewards and savings. Read more on our revenue flyer here.

Frame Board Management Best Practices 

Re-evaluate and implement changes that can help increase profitability with COVID-19 in mind.


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