Using Instagram Live to Promote Safety Measures and Your Reopening

Learn best practices for sharing updates on Instagram Live

The popular trend of live videos is here to stay. In a recent survey from New York Magazine and Livestream, results showed 82% of consumers prefer a live video over a social post.1 If you haven’t used Instagram Live before, now is a great time to start. The platform can be used to share important updates and promote what you are doing to keep your patients and staff safe. Bonus: Instagram allows you to permanently save your live video to your profile for those who missed the live session! Before you go live, consider reviewing the Practice Reopening Resource Guide for content inspiration, and then learn how to create eye-catching videos here.

Here are some video ideas to help you get started: 

  • Practice Introduction. Host a meet and greet series with your staff and doctors, introducing your practice’s services and specialties.
  • Tour your practice and safety measures. Take your Instagram followers on a tour around the office and introduce your enhanced safety measures in place. Show viewers the updates to your sanitizing procedures, personal protective equipment, and any adjustments to the waiting room and dispensary. This will help ensure your patients will feel safe during their next visit and know what to expect in their appointment. For custom printed COVID-19 materials to use in your practice, take advantage of our gallery through Staples Advantage here
  • Host a Q&A. Start by addressing a few frequently asked questions your practice receives from patients. Viewers may be asking questions throughout the video, so don’t forget to look through the live comments! 
  • Invite an industry leader or community member to join. Instagram Live gives you the ability to virtually invite another user to your live video. This feature lets you host face-to-face interviews and collaborative videos, while still practicing safe social distancing. Consider inviting an eye care peer or someone who represents your community or a neighboring small business. View examples of this type of live video on the VSP Vision Care Instagram
  • Add the Supporting Small Businesses sticker. Your viewers have an interest in helping local small businesses. Highlight ways they can support, even if they don’t have an appointment. Host a live frame try-on session and let followers know of any promotions. Use this time to highlight your neighboring small businesses by inviting them to your live video and also using the Support Small Business Instagram sticker to link to their page afterward (learn more here). 
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