In-Practice Marketing

Assets, promotions, and ideas to help enhance the marketing and merchandising in your practice.

In-Practice Marketing

Assets, promotions, and ideas to help enhance the marketing and merchandising in your practice.

Marketing Campaigns

Wondering how to use our campaigns? Click the campaign you want to use. Download the tile (or multiple tiles, if you like more than one), and save to your computer, then post on your social media channels, use in patient emails, or print the posters to hang in your office. Change campaigns at least every other month to keep things fresh.

Suns Out, Shades On

Encourage your patients to protect their eyes while enjoying the summer months

Celebrate Healthy Vision Month

Share how eating a balanced diet, getting regular eye exams, and protecting your eyes will promote healthy vision at any stage in life

Avoid the Blue Light Blues

Share information with your patients about how blue light-reducing anti-reflective coating on their eyeglass lenses could be helpful

Keep Your Eyes Feeling Young at Heart

April is Women's Eye Health and Safety Month

Happy Eyes, Happy Heart

Show your patients how eye health and heart health go hand-in-hand

New Year, New Benefits

Remind your patients about their new benefits.

VSP Partner Promotions

We feature new patient and practice promotions from across VSP Global® each month, so keep an eye out for the newest content featured here.

Promote the Value of an Eye Exam to Your Patients with New Perfect Pair Promotion

VSP Members receive up to $100 on glasses or up to $35 on sunglasses

Attract Patients with New Extra $40 Frame Brands

New Extra $40 frame brand assets are here

New Enhanced Benefits for FEDVIP Patients at Premier Program Locations

To support your practice with patient flow and provide opportunities to increase profitability

Need Marketing Materials to Educate Patients About Individual Vision Plans?

Business cards, window decals, and more! 

FEDVIP Open Season Means 7.5 Million Patient Opportunities for VSP Network Practices

Prepare your practice for new patients this fall

Help Patients Find Vision Coverage During Open Enrollment Season

Increase patient retention, satisfaction, and loyalty

Additional Resources

Your Optical Marketing Playbooks are Here

Marketing tools for your practice to start a successful new year

My Marketing Minute Video Series

New video series with quick marketing tips to help your business thrive.

Marketing Resources for Urgent Patient Communications

Use these marketing materials to communicate important practice updates or changes

Simple Hiring Tools to Make the Recruiting Process Easier

Make your hiring process efficient and effective by following these steps

Year-End Business Building Playbook

Customized marketing strategies and tools to win Q4

How to Make Your Practice FaBOOlous this Halloween

Tips to show your patients a gourd time

Use Your Free Marketing Assets Before December 15!

More marketing assets to enhance patient traffic


Prepare Your Practice for Diabetes Awareness Month

Remind your patients about the importance of yearly eye exams

Branding Resources

Leverage this toolkit to help you reset, reimagine, and reenergize your practice’s brand and increase profitability.

4 Easy Ways to Add a Practice Logo to Your Marketing

Learn how to incorporate your branding on any graphic

Frame Board Management Best Practices with COVID-19 in Mind

Re-evaluate and implement changes that can help increase profitability.

5 Tips to Promote Your Practice's Grand Opening

Promote a grand opening like a marketing pro

Keep Frame Selection Purposeful Post Covid-19

Get strategic with inventory management

Future of Eyewear Through Frameboard Management

Drive tangible results with proven best practices

How-to Guide for Sharing the VSP Global Premier Program Logo
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